STEP 1 - Download and Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
All pages are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Before you'll be able to print the pages you download, you'll need a copy of the Acrobat Reader for the type of computer you're using.  If you don't already have the appropriate reader, you can visit  Adobe's website by clicking on the image below and download one for free. Adobe provides good instructions for downloading, installing and using their Acrobat Reader.

acrobat.gif (4404 bytes)


STEP 2 - Download a File.
This may be a little different than the procedure you're used to. Click on the hyper-link name in the CLICK TO DOWNLOAD column with your right mouse button. (You don't want to click with the left mouse button. This may cause the file to be displayed in your browser rather than being downloaded). A dialog box should appear. If you're using Internet Explorer,  choose "Save Target As ...".  If you're using some other browser, choose the option to save the file.  You then just follow the prompts to pick a location to save the file to on your PC.


AUSTRALIA -> 1965   10/30/1999 37
CANADA -> 1940   2/1/2001 27
COSTA RICA -> 1940   7/28/2000 35
FRENCH MOROCCO All   10/19/1997 46
GREAT BRITAIN -> 1951   1/30/2002 25
HUNGARY Occupations   1/28/2000 46
ITALIAN STATES All   11/1/1997 13
JAPAN -> 1940   11/23/1999 32
LEEWARD ISLANDS All   11/14/1997 8
POLAND 1994-2000   3/1/2002 47
PORTUGUESE INDIA All   7/1/2001 45
SPAIN -> 1940   7/30/1999 94
UNITED NATIONS -> 1970   1/30/2002 26
UNITED STATES -> 1940   1/1/2001 108
UNITED STATES Future Delivery   9/15/2001 6
ZULULAND All   12/4/1997 2


STEP 3 -
Print the Pages.  Once you've installed the Acrobat Reader on your computer, printing the album pages you've downloaded is a snap. Just double-click on the album page file (named xxx.pdf) in File Manager or Windows Explorer. This should start the Adobe Acrobat Reader program and load the album pages file. From here you can just click on the Print button in the Acrobat toolbar to print the pages. But take a look at the Dialog screen before you click "OK". If the "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" or "Fit to Page" box is checked, uncheck it. This may be OK for most things you print, but it may make the frames for mounting the stamps (and particularly larger items like souvenir sheets) too small. Note that you can choose to print only one or a range of pages. Click OK when you are ready to start printing.  The only other printing problem you may encounter is that on some printers the page may print a little to high or too low on the paper - if this happens to you, see the Questions webpage for how to fix it.