Want to Design Your Own Pages?  Well, it's possible, and not that difficult. The pages are created using Adobe PageMaker, version 6.5, a "professional" desk-top publishing program. Learning to to fully master PageMaker is a bear - I still haven't figured everything out. But fortunately you only need about 5% of its features to be able to create pages just a good, or better, than the ones I do. I've put together an illustrated set of instructions on how to create pages using PageMaker 6.5. You do need to be familiar with standard Windows techniques (selecting, dragging, using pull-down menus, etc.) to use it. But there's no need to be any sort of computer nerd - the instructions are simple to understand, and there's even a step-by-step practical exercise included.

There's One Problem - Cost.   The problem is that you need Adobe PageMaker, version 6.5 or 7.0,  to create the pages and it costs about $550.00 new. And PageMaker requires Windows 95 or higher on a Pentium or better with at least 32 MB of RAM - it will not run on Windows 3.x. If you already have PageMaker, just go ahead and download the "Design Kit" below and have at it. If you're really interested, but don't have PageMaker, read the Getting PageMaker webpage above - you should be able to get a copy for a lot less than the $550 new copy price.

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Design Manual, Page Templates, Watermark Index, and more. The file is zipped - just unzip it in a temporary directory, then look at the README.TXT file.

undercon.gif (293 bytes)Under Construction. Enough is done that you can start designing real pages with it, however.



The complete Design Kit is also available on my CD-ROM, along with copies of all the website pages in PageMaker v6.5 format that you can modify. See the Order Page for how to order one.  You can also download zipped copies of the PageMaker files from the PageMaker section of this website.